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Supervision is a requirement of all professional counselling bodies.  It forms an important part of counselling practice, in terms of necessary support, guidance, insights, and interventions.

Supervision is a valuable part of my work, both supervising individuals on a one to one basis and in group sessions. 

I aim to create a collaborative relationship in which you feel comfortable sharing potentially difficult aspects of your practice without fear.  This way you will get the most from our time together and apply important growth and learning to your practice.

As a christian, I have understanding as to the particular challenges faced by christian counsellors, and the specific support needed.  As such I often work with christian supervisees and have experience in providing pastoral supervision to church leaders. 

To understand more about how we can work together please contact me, details can be found on the contact page.

I work both online and face to face in All Saints Church Hall in Lightwater, Surrey.


£60 for one hour

£70 for one and a half hours

I hold several consessionary rates for students.  If you are interested in this please enquire when you initially contact me.

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