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"I have found counselling with Vicky to be incredibly helpful. She has shed light on feelings that I couldn't clearly identify on my own. All I knew was that they were hindering me in life and causing me to make the same mistakes over and over again. Her insight has enabled me to see them for what they are, and as a result of this, I am better equipped to deal with them more appropriately. I believe I was holding on to incorrect beliefs about myself, and this faulty thinking has been carefully teased out for me to reconsider. Her calm, caring and friendly manner helps me to feel at ease immediately and I have enjoyed exploring my thoughts and emotions with the help of various tools such as picture cards and art equipment. Her gentle, but insightful, questions have brought enormous clarity to my life, all at my own pace, and always with kindness and respect." 

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I am so very grateful to Vicky for her support and guidance.  She has helped me to heal and grow into the person I am now happy to call me!

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Vicky has helped me to understand myself and the reasons I did what I did.  Having that understanding has helped me to change and stop repeating the same things that got me into the place I was at when I first started seeing her.

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I started seeing Vicky as my panic attacks had returned with a vengence.  Vicky gave me a safe space in which to explore some of my deepest fears and hard held onto ways of thinking.  She gave me strength to see I can respond to my mind and body in a different, more positive way.

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